Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's in your Wake?

Growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and raising 2 children there, many of our outdoor actititves involved water and boats. There are plentiful rivers, creeks and the gulf to swim and boat in. I know that all boats big and small leave wakes behind them. Depending on who's at the wheel it could be big or small. When boats pass each other they should ensure that their wake will not cause anyone harm. I have been in a small boat when a very big one passes and know what can happen if the captain just does not care what happens to you.

As we go through life we too leave wakes behind us. So the question is "What is in your Wake?" What do you leave behind you as you go about your day to day life?

Do you get up feeling a little bad or maybe things aren't going your way and you bark at the checkout girl? Ruining her day and making her ruin others' day? Or do you try to smile and get through the day the best you can and try not to bite any one's head off? If you try to be friendly, you may find your day will get better.

What about when you step off into eternity? How will you be remembered? With a smile and fond memerioes? Or with hurtful ones. Or that you were a grouch and a grummbler.

So as you go through your day and your life think about what you are leaving behind you in your wake. Joy or a path of descruction?

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