Thursday, November 8, 2012

God is on His throne!

I know so many of my Christian Brother and Sisters-members of the Church, the Body of Christ, are disappointed in the election results this week. For so many reasons, they so wanted Barack Obama out of the White House. I did too and my husband and I were very let down. Mitt Romney was not our best choice, but felt he would be an improvement. On my way to work Wednesday morning, I prayed for our nation. Many thoughts and ideas came to me along with some scripture. God is still on His throne. Thinking of some bible stories, I remembered Joseph. His brothers threw him into a pit and sold him as a slave. He endured years in prison and eventually, became a ruler in Egypt. When his brothers came to him for food, they did not know him. But he did reveal himself to them and told them that what they meant for evil, God used for good. I began to ponder that idea. God used all kinds of people for His purpose. Drunks, loose wpmen, thieves, murders. And that is the whole point of everything-not what we want but what God wants –for HIS purpose. Do we think that God cannot use Mr. Obama for His purpose? Can’t God take this situation which we think is bad, and use it for good? Maybe God has a plan we may not like. Anyone who reads and studies the Bible knows what the future holds. Before the Tribulation begins there is only one event that has to happen-the Rapture of the church, the Body of Christ. I have heard many scholars of the Bible say in their studies of Gods’ Revelation to John, that the United States is not found. I believe the land would still be here, and people would still occupy it, but the Government of the US is not found. IF that is correct, at some time the Government as we know it today would have to be done away with. Who’s to say that this is the beginning of that situation? Just because we don’t like the way the country is headed, does not mean that this is not God’s plan? Just think, maybe we are getting closer to our salvation! How wonderful is that? And remember, as saved people, God has promised that we will NOT suffer His wrath! So pray for our nation! Pray people will be saved! Tell others how to be saved. And do not fear~God is on His throne! But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Genesis 50:20