Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Creator

Hubbie and I made a trip to Old Town Spring today and went into a garden store/nursery we like alot.
I noticed lots of bees busy on some of the plants and asked oneof the ladies that work there if they had been having lots of hummingbirds this year. We have had flocks of them at our feeders and so have other folks I know. The lady said they have had a few and proceeded to tell us of a TV show she had seen about hummingbirds and how their beaks are either long or short depending where in the world they are and what flowers are in the area. I made the comment "Well, yes. Their creator new exactly what He was doing when He created them and gave them just what they need." Well! She didn't seem to like that very much. She said it was because they had evolved over the centuries...kind of drifted off and went inside the store and had nothing else to say to us!
She seemed surprised that their beaks were just what they needed for the flowers in the area but it didn't surprise us at all. Of course God would equip them with what they need. He knew it before He created them. Facts like that just serve to prove He created everything from nothing and there were no accidents.